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My Favorite Photos

This gallery contains an eclectic mixture of pictures I have taken over the last few years. No particular order or anything...just cool pictures. Most are straight from the digital camera without any post-processing. I am currently using a Sony DSC-F828 8 megapixel camera with an incredible Zeiss zoom lens. It works equally well in the field and in the studio with strobe lights; most of the pictures on this site were taken with the Sony.

Life Imitates Art

Saw this little toad sitting on a rock next to our goldfish pond, seeming to stare at his bigger cousin. Had time to run into the house, grab the camera, and get back to snap his picture before he decided to hop away.

Strange bug

This guy was crawling up the screen on the window of my wife's office. He was about 6" long and as big around as my thumb! Never have seen one since.

Another view of the strange bug

Bee on Purple Flower

This photo was taken in our back flower garden. It was taken with my Minolta Dimage 7i camera (1/750 @ f4.5, ISO 200, fill flash, handheld). This is a crop from the central 20% of the image. This is one of the few times this camera’s notoriously bad autofocus worked!

Pretty Moth

I found this guy on top of my car. He was pretty well dead when I took this picture...short lives in the insect world.

Sleeping Beauty

Therese and I were in Tampa, FL visiting our grandkids and she climbed in the tree to take a quick nap in the breeze off the bay. She didn't even know I was taking the picture. Taken with my trusty Canon G1 digital snapshot camera.

Reflecting Pool

This rotted tree stump on the beach had filled with water and the glint of the sun caught my eye as I walked by.

Abandoned Wagon

This old farm wagon had been left to slowly disintegrate in a thicket next to a gravel road Therese and I were walkong down. I thought the juxtaposition of shapes was interesting, so I snapped a quick photo. (Charleston, SC)

Do You See Me?

If you look very carefully, you’ll see a squirrel sitting on a branch of this beautiful old tree. (Charleston, SC)

Immovable Object Meeting Irresistable Force

This waterfall is at a man-made reservior in Little River Park in Wendell, NC. I like the subtle colors in the water and on the rock. This photo hangs in my office and is very peaceful to look at.

Feathered Friend?

While walking on the small beach at Little River Park in Wendell, NC, I came upon what I thought was a duck in the sand. Upon closer look, it was only some old bits of tree branch that just happend to have arranged themselves into an interesting shape.

Water Over the Weir

This weir is part of the reservoir at Little River Park in Wendell, NC. The texture of the water falling over the corrugated surface of the wall under the weir particularly appealed to me.


This interesting waterfall was at one end of the reservoir at Little River Park in Wendell, NC. Due to a slight depression in the center of the fall, a finger of water is accelerated and travels farther than the water on either side. This, coupled with the subtle colors reflected in the water, make this an interesting picture.


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